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Argument › No. 7/2015

Argument 7/2015

Research by Design

Prof.dr.arh. Daniela Rădulescu - Andronic
dr. arh. Ana Maria Crișan
Roland Vasiliu
DTP, editing:
arch. Maria Mănescu

© 2015 Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu” Bucureşti



The 7th issue of Argument brings into discussion themes that can be considered lacking of interest at the first view, but are nevertheless a substrate element in every day architectural practice – as resultant or purpose of it.

As an instrument of exploration and work, the research by project of different work areas still untapped or considered derisory as importance, returns into the contemporary discourse as experiment, or as pioneer acts in related fields. Today, the practices of documentation, analysis and elaboration of responsible architecture able to overcome the inherent difficulties of the current moment of crisis are updated. We are facing a crisis of principles, of means and intentions rather than a crisis of economical capabilities. In what way an active organic process of design can integrate organically analytical aspirations? How these aspirations can generate an architectural practice which appraises the role as a document of any act of building? These are two questions to which the authors of the presentations published under the umbrella of this scientific session try to answer, having as a base their professional experience or their point of view as researchers.

1. Conceptual Priorities

Georgică Mitrache
Research in architectural project in the educational process.

Lorin Niculae
The Architectural Project as Act of Knowing

Ștefan Mihăilescu
Research by Project – Arch. Norman Foster

Ana Maria Crișan
Travel Project VORed|19112014. Applied Study on Le Corbusier’s Journey to the East Trails

2. Inhabited Architecture

Andrei Eugen Lakatos
Urban Insertions in Călărașilor Road Area: Concept, Context and Continuity

Marina Mihăilă, Cristian Bănică
House-housing – architecture design approach | 2 built case studies

Mihaela Zamfir (Grigorescu)
Dwelling for two generations, destiny of a concept

Grigore Negoescu
The Symbolic Geometry of a Dwelling

3. Tradition – Identity – Restauration

Doina Teodorescu
Oltenia’s heritage

Liana Iliu
The Tradition and the Open Plan

Anda-Ioana Sfinteș
MCT „Astra”, Sibiu: A Museum on the Boundary

Anca Mihaela Constantin, Veronica Zybaczynski, Severică Mitrache
Preliminary research regarding the effects of the project and the progress of the restoration works

4. Interferences

Anca Mitrache
The Architectural Design Proposal as a Process

Maria Boștenaru Dan
Green Wall Land Art

Mahmoud Tavakkoli
Evaluating psychological effects of contemporary cities facades to children

Anca Oana Rusu
Communicative planning as a research tool

5. Public Spaces – Urban Paths

Dana Chirvai, Alina Voiculeț, Marius Solon
The Mobility as Starting Point in Redefining Relational Human Being - City - Territory

Jill Bouratoglou, Lia Dikigoropoulou, Grace Dubon, Maria Boștenaru Dan, Dóczy Pál
Research by design in the architecture of spa-s

Marina Mihăilă, Cristian Bănică
Thinking urban reconnection – architecture, research by design | case study - Mayfair development

Magdalena Stănculescu
Urban regeneration scenario – highlighting the opportunity of a pedestrian urban path

Letiția Bărbuică
Case Study – Metropolis Center Bucharest

6. Landscape Architecture

Angelica Stan
Urban park - from concept to project

Anca Gabriela Stăncioiu, George Miron Stăncioiu
Vedea Park from Alexandria. Synergy for an Integrated Project

7. Students’ Opinion

Radu Moisescu
Urban Foyer – School project, IVth year, sem I

Irina Moise, Ancuța Baciu
Residential saxon architecture

8. Workshop “Places Beyond the Threshold”

Anda-Ioana Sfinteș
Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”

Alexandru Adrian Baciu, Octavian Filer, Oana Corina Mocanu
The Carpet (Workshop Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”, Team 1)

Ruxandra Grigoraș, Rareș Fotău, Rareș Urzică, Anca-Maria Pănoiu
The Museum As A Narrow Path (Workshop Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”, Team 2)

Ana Maria Crăciun, Ștefania Pană, Theodora Radu, Oana Dăscăloiu
The Echo (Workshop Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”, Team 3)

Cristiana Elena Călin, Ștefan Mircea, Sabin-Costin Prodan
The Attic (Workshop Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”, Team 4)

Elena Țara, Ana Maria Cojocaru, Lucia Elvira Butnariu, Adrian Alexandru Durlanu, Anca Iulia Tătulescu
The Beautiful Chamber (Workshop Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”, Team 5)