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Argument › No. 13/2021

Argument 13/2021

Versatility of the built space

Publishing director:
Anca MITRACHE, prof. PhD. arch.
General secretary of the editorial office:
Anda-Ioana SFINTEȘ, assist. PhD. arch.
Editing team:
Constanța Carmina GHEORGHIȚĂ, assist. PhD. arch., Iris GANEA-CHRISTU, PhD. arch., Ruxandra PĂDURARU, PhD.c. antropology, Ruxandra BALCANU, arch.
Matei MITRACHE, arch., Oana Anca ABĂLARU OBANCEA, assist. PhD. arch.

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0. Foreword

Anca Mitrache
Versatility and the Built Space

1. Pandemic - Postpandemic - Resilience

Mihaela Zamfir, Ileana Ciobanu, Andreea Georgiana Marin, Mihai-Viorel Zamfir
Memory Anchors in Dementia-Friendly Architecture and the Limits of Spatial Versatility in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ioana Virginia Craiovan
Face to Face in the Built Space: Koch's Bacillus, Influenza Viruses and Coronaviruses. Architectural Design versus Transmissible Respiratory Disease

Codruța Iana
Pandemic Heterotopias. Rediscovering the Home

2. Adaptations - Adaptability

Beatrice-Gabriela Jöger
Textile Space – Versatile Space

Codina Dușoiu
Transformation of Architectural Space – between Challenge and Limit

Ionuț Dohotariu
Adaptive architecture. Interaction with the built environment

Călin Crudu
LIMITLESS – Generative Design

Miguel Gomes, Pedro Mendes
Models as a Privileged Element in Architecture Exhibitions. Two Study Cases

3. Urban Context - Public Context

Andra Panait, Elena Cristina Mândrescu, Traian Colțan
The Versatility of Public Space. The Historical Center of Bucharest

Ana-Maria Machedon, Georgică Mitrache, Dragoș Dordea
Living Danube Limes - The Built Space as Tool for Living History

Tetyana Kashchenko, Viktoria Bonchyk
Renovated Industrial Complexes in the Urban Environment

Nely Vînău, Răzvan Mircea Nica
Urban Context. Visual Communication. Graffiti as a Manifestation of Heterotopia

Ana-Maria Vesa-Dobre
FORM +/- FUNCTION. A Spatial Inquiry on Per Kirkeby's Architectural Sculptures

Miruna Ciura
Constructive Encounters in the City. Constitución, Chile — Open City?

4. Versatile Habitation - Other Habitations

Oana Frunză
The Plus Space, Versatility as Spatial Ambiguity, a Trigger for Creativity

Ramona Costea, Tiberiu Teodor - Stanciu

Cristina Șopîrleanu
The Space of the Urban Dwelling - a New Paradigm. The Potential of the Traditional Urban Fabric to Adapt to a New Way of Dwelling

Iulia Gabriela Drăghici
Inhabited Bridges. Infrastructure and Architecture

Cristia Chira, Mihaela Lazăr, Marilena Negulescu
Interior Architecture and Film Scenography. Theoretical Direction of Aproach to the Interior Space

Anamaria-Cristina Preotesoiu
Staring. Or Retreating into Inner Space

5. Students Page

Silvia-Georgiana Pușcașu
The Urban Block as Morpheme. Insertions on Calea Moșilor

Andre Magpantay
Revolution. Contextual Image Analysis and Characterization of Post-Pandemic Architectural Style and Design

6. Reviews

Ruxandra Păduraru
/We Sit And Think – A Manifesto Event. A Dialogue on the Necessity of Public Spaces in Bucharest

Arthur Patrick O’Looney
Review of "Learning from the European City" by Jonathan Sergison (Sergison Bates Architects)

Maria Boştenaru Dan
Conference Review - The Academy as a Mirror of Change: 125 Years of Arts and Humanities