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ArgumentNo. 7/2015

Dwelling for two generations, destiny of a concept


The article outlines the story of attempt in residential program of a concept, namely that of age perspective in architecture. The project had a real beneficiary, an extended catholic family composed by a young married couple with a small child, grandmother and great-grandmother.

The desire of future users was achievement of a duplex ground-floor+1+possible attic, composed of two house units differentiated in size, obviously favorable as area to the young couple who had in perspective a second child also. The dwelling was to be accomplished in Popești-Leordeni, on Iosif Trâncioveanu Street, by demolition of an old wagon-house where they presently were living.

The discussions periplus with the five beneficiaries in the spirit of well tempered participative architecture, the partial victories in overall conformation and the use of a contemporary language is illustrated by volumetrical and planimetrical studies.

Becoming into reality of the project is parasitized by the emergence of the future builder-father and architect son, apparently graduate of private education, at least at declarative level. Fear of losing of monopoly of so-called design over the area gives another twist to the collaboration with the nice family.

Finally remain ideas, the backbone of a professional architect and a beautiful story with ultimate “we live in Romania and we have nothing to do”.


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