Argument 4/2012

UPGRADE – development through continuity

Prof.dr.arh. Daniela Rădulescu - Andronic
Lect.dr.arh. Marina Mihăilă
des. Roland Vasiliu
DTP, editing, translations:
arh. Maria Mănescu

© 2012 Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu” Bucureşti

1. UPGRADE – Learning

Cosmin CACIUCKenneth Frampton vs. Neil Leach: continuity and discontinuity in tectonic culture development
Jean-Marc STERNO
Studies and applications_UPGRADE_Pratt Institute NY
Andra PANAITThree architects, three methods - A comparative analysis
Daniel COMŞAVenice Architecture Bienalle development through continuity / Upgrade on space enevelopment problematics

2. UPGRADE – Urban Remodeling

Un upgraded urban bridge
Bogdan FEZIBucharest in search for Europe
Niculae GRAMA
Robert NEGRU
Borsec – a bitter memory
Lorin NICULAESocial housing in extreme poverty
Daniel COMŞA
Irina Elena MEREOIU
World Expos - solutions for the regeneration of portuary areas?
Alexandru-Ionuţ PETRIŞORRedefining Urban Regeneration
Maria BOȘTENARU DANParticipatism and disaster management

3. UPGRADE – Spatial Concepts

Cristina ENACHEIdentity. Restructuring. Landscape
Mihaela PELTEACUNew approaches of the architectural project: fascination of porosity
Mihaela ZAMFIR (GRIGORESCU)Upgrade in relation to public space today – considerations regarding the response of the architecture to the community problems-
Magdalena STĂNCULESCURevitalization of an area by insertion of a functional element from the cultural domain - theatre as a building or as an open-air place suitable for dramatical spectacle.

4. UPGRADE – Urban Memory

Marina MIHĂILĂUrban memory. Continuity
Maria BOȘTENARU DANRudolf Frankel in Bucharest, 110 years after birth
Mihaela ZAMFIR (GRIGORESCU)Upgrade in relation to Lipscani. Local identity between cultural value and value of utilization
Cristia CHIRATypes of interventions on historical buildings
Andreea NEACŞUThe continuity of the mosaic art in the Byzantine churches
Ioan MILOŞUpgrade with “fascist” traces in the reunification’s Berlin

5. UPGRADE – Technology

Vlad THIERYConservation of the plaster facades from late XIX to the begening of XX century
Ştefan MIHĂILESCUSustainability: reducing energy costs in the case of existing buildings
Veronica ZYBACZYNSKIColor in rehabilitation. Methods of investigation and intervention. Examples of chromatic rehabilitation.
Adrian VIDRAŞCULimit and Continuity in the Sustainable Urban Development