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ArgumentNo. 7/2015

The Beautiful Chamber (Workshop Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”, Team 5)


Our contemporary world has confidently deviated from the natural course of the Romanian village way of life, regarding it as a way of life that needed to be upgraded, forgotten and denied. Falling in the trap of false evolution is then imminent, as we find ourselves neither luckier, nor more advanced, but maybe only impoverished. The Romanian peasant’s set of values (faith, purity, honor, courage, determination, deep connection with nature) are Romanian nation’s historically-rooted coordinates, maybe its own very essence. When evaluating the everyday preoccupations, that nowadays have a tendency of letting go of its predominantly rural past, we can observe how we are killing the Romanian village (first in our conscience and then in our culture), therefore losing out in our process of evolution. The village’s world should find an echo in these values that are reinventing themselves, although set in a different context.


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