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Argument › No. 2/2010

Argument 2/2010

Built Heritage Values and Contemporary Architecture

Prof.dr.arh. Daniela Rădulescu - Andronic
Lect.dr.arh. Marina Mihăilă
des. Roland Vasiliu
DTP, editing, translations:
arh. Maria Mănescu

© 2010 Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu” Bucureşti

1. Studies and research projects

Cerasella Crăciun
Lost VALUES OF NATURAL AND CULTURAL Heritage, in the area of Central Bucharest

Maria Boștenaru Dan
The impact of catastrophic events on architecture: the relationship with representation in the architectural/artistic project

2. Document

Lorin Niculae
Roșia Montană

3. Scientific Papers - Architectural Concepts

Marina Mihăilă
About urban insertions and space discontinuities

Codruța Iana
Morphological analysis and its uses in patrimony evaluation

Beatrice-Gabriela Jöger
Tradition and Modernity in Using Textile Materials in Architecture

Iulian Gudină
New interventions in the existing build environment

Maria Enache
Heritage values in contemporary architecture

Tudor Corâci
Historic Buildings intervention Perspectives

Mihaela Palade
Volumetric Peculiarities of the Dealu Monastery Katholikon, in the Context of Contemporary Ecclesial Architecture

Mariana Nițu
Contemporary typology of the memory dedicated spaces. Heritage vs contemporary interventions.

4. Scientific Papers - Restoration

Virgiliu Polizu, Mircea Căpățână
Salvage of heritage buildings from risk

Virgiliu Polizu, Ruxandra Căpățână
Voronet. Filling in historical enclosure

Mircea Căpățână
Restoration House Museum Dr. N. Minovici

Mircea Căpățână, Ruxandra Căpățână
Methods of protection for immediasy monuments in danger. case study: Castle Pelisor

Anca Mihaela Constantin
Case Study - Fîntîneanu House in Slatina. Study for attribution of protected historical monument status and restoration project proposal

Radu-Petre Năstase
Casa Braicoff. Restauration and functional reconversion design project

Dorina Onescu-Tărbujaru
Approaches to the redesign of heritage buildings

Ciprian Simion
Cultural insertion in Ovidiu Square, Constanta

George Miron Stăncioiu
The first draft of Eurostation – impact on european and national plan: accesibility, services and safe equipments

George Miron Stăncioiu
Reinvention of the railway station – approching and strategies for future in the achitectural programme of building for travellers

Anca Stăncioiu
The rehabilitation and the conversion of the historical centres into social dwellings for young people

5. Scientific Papers - Urbanism and Lansdscape Design

Cristina Enache
The landscape heritage, the value of the monument - parks. Study: Carol Park and Stirbey Park

Alina Voiculeț
Hybridization in architecture and urbanism hybrid buildings and areas such fringe belt

Cristina Constantinescu
Collective identity

Alexandru-Ionuț Petrișor
Integrated conceptual approach of natural and cultural heritage reflected in international conventions

Anca Stăncioiu
The rehabilitation and the conversion of the industrial parks into gardens of future