ArgumentNo. 7/2015

Vedea Park from Alexandria. Synergy for an Integrated Project


This project represents the conjugated and associated action of the visionary architect in an open dialog, synergistic with the landscape architect, correlated with the tendency of the market, thus defining an alternative for revitalizing again the Vedea Park in Alexandria.

Having to answer to different multi-criteria of psychological nature, of ambient, landscape, architecture and space, the project represented a challenge at the address of intrinsic realities of the existing space, starting from the immediate necessities of the town and continuing with the study of the area at a larger territorial level.

As „a target”, we took into account yet from the „looking for” period, the redefinition of the strategies of attraction, diversity and loisir, both by sensorial and spatial augmentation, landscape valorization and functional equipment. So the  concept of the project defines again the limits for a space addressed to all, through connected functions (displays in open air, cultural events, relaxation, divertissement and sport), the park being studied as a democratized and decentralized space, friendly with the people, with nature and with the surroundings.

In the realization of the solution we took account of the requirements of the beneficiary (local Town Hall), of the conclusions of all specific urban analyses, as well as of the possibilities and conditionings of the urban site: existing plants in the area (selected depending on their biological and esthetic status), existing functions, relations between the position of the site and the town. There were proposed the newest and the most advantageous variants, both from a point of view of urban design and from the point of view of plants.

Avoiding the formalism, we put the accent on the visual impact formula though united and sequential compositions, placing the subjects on mobile trajectories through crossing over space in the same time with observation and moving in free air.

As typology we discuss about an interdisciplinary project more perhaps than about a strictly landscaping one, a project where the effort of the architect correlates and adapts to contextual realities and to the data of the site.


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