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ArgumentNo. 7/2015

The Museum As A Narrow Path (Workshop Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”, Team 2)


The Museum of the Romanian Peasant is not one which lets itself taken for granted by the visitor. It will certainly disappoint those who are looking for nothing more but objects – deprived of vibration, protected by secure glass cases, obediently aligned and emptied of all mystery by driedup labels offering nothing else but information, appeasing the conscience with the illusion of understanding. The Museum of the Romanian Peasant is a difficult one. Beyond all its diverse and original meanings, we think this is the first message it should transmit to its potential visitors even before they come to step on its threshold: “I am a difficult museum, because I am a different museum. A narrow path which you are not compelled to follow, but which, once you have stepped upon, you should know that you are to be provoked”. It is, first of all, an honest message, if we want that the visitors would not be disappointed. Furthermore, it is an essential message if we want to avoid the visitors misunderstanding its profile.