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Argument › No. 12/2020

Argument 12/2020

The Built Space. Concept and Expression

Publishing director:
Anca MITRACHE, prof. PhD. arch.
General secretary of the editorial office:
Anda-Ioana SFINTEȘ, assist. PhD. arch.
Editing team:
Constanța Carmina GHEORGHIȚĂ, assist. PhD. arch., Iris GANEA-CHRISTU, PhD. arch., Ruxandra BALCANU, arch. stud.
Marcel IONESCU LUPEANU, arch., Oana Anca ABĂLARU OBANCEA, assist. PhD. arch., Claudia PIPOȘ LUPU, arch.,

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ARG12_Intro.pdf - ARGUMENT: BUILT SPACE / Anca Mitrache

1. Understandings

Cosmin Caciuc
Urban Context, Layers of Interpretation and Poché Tactics

Bogdan-Andrei Fezi
Romanian Architecture and Urbanism in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Miruna Moldovan, Dana Gabriela Gîta
Housing under the State of Emergency

2. Architecture used

Mihaela Zamfir (Grigorescu), Andreea Georgiana Marin, Ileana Ciobanu, Dragoș-Cristian Bogdan, Mihai-Viorel Zamfir
The Concept of Dementia Enabling Built Environment from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

Cristina-Gențiana Dumitrașcu
Type-Apartment Building Blocks’ Diaries. An Example of Interdisciplinary Reasearch Developed in Communities of the Type Apartment Socialist Building Blocks in Bucharest

Ruxandra Păduraru
The Building of the Human. Towards a Pluridisciplinary Approach

3. Ideas

Iris Ganea – Christu
Physical Space and Imaginary Space. An implement in architecture education

Nely Vînău
Utopia. Dystopia. Concepts in Contemporary Architecture and Visual Arts

Pedro Mendes, Miguel Gomes
Between the Architectural Program and Beauty

4. Memory

Maria Bostenaru Dan
Hungarian Avantgarde Part I. Built Works of Farkas Molnár and their Context

Maria Bostenaru Dan
Hungarian Avantgarde Part II: Utopias

Astrid Isabela Bogdan
Museum. Building the Exhibition Discourse in the Contemporary Space

Astrid Rottman
If this is a Memorial?

5. Students page

Delia Săpunaru
The Cycle of Influences between the Container Space and the Content Space

Florina Pantilimonescu
Space as a Summary

Ioana-Cosmina Dăbuleanu
Communism vs Capitalism. From Fast Industrialization to Depopulation of Cities