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ArgumentNo. 7/2015

MCT „Astra”, Sibiu: A Museum on the Boundary


The subject of my diploma project, presented in 2010, has been the design of The Museum of Transylvanian Civilization (MCT) „Astra”, in Sibiu and it has been elaborated under the guidance of PhD prof. arch. Daniela Rădulescu Andronic. The concept of this project evolved around the place chosen ant its history. From entrance gate into the city, to Austro-Hungarian infantry barracks and now parking space, the site – situated on one side of the Unirii Square – accumulated successive layers of history, thus becoming an identity landmark of the city. Through the project I followed up the exploitation of this history, but also the integration of the building within the city by solving some malfunctions caused by the communist interventions. In this context, the building, situated on the boundary between the old and new city, becomes itself an enlarged boundary, emphasizing the missions of the museum and its role to create connections in time and space, starting, first of all, from accepting the history.


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