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Argument › No. 8/2016

Argument 8/2016

Architectural Education

Prof.dr.arh. Daniela Rădulescu - Andronic
dr. arh. Ștefan Mihăilescu
Roland Vasiliu
DTP, editing:
arch. Maria Mănescu

© 2016 Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu” Bucureşti

The new issue of the publication “ARGUMENT”- No. 8/2016 will publish studies, research papers or architectural projects presented in the scientific session with international participation, entitled: “Education in architecture” 20-21 May 2015.

The experience gained in the period of 6 years from the issue of the first number, entitled us to analyze our fundamental problem now, namely: - the specific model of education and training in architecture.

The thematic programme proposed to participants the following variants of presentations and discussions: - academic options, - practical design patterns, - conceptual options and “marginalized” ideas or projects.

1. Perspectives

Georgică Mitrache
The Graduate Student Profile Within The School Of Architecture

2. The Memory/Identity of the School of Architecture

Ana-Maria Vesa Dobre
Final Exams and Diploma Project in the Romanian School of Architecture of the 50’s

Daniela Rădulescu-Andronic, Adrian Spirescu, Dan Teodorescu, Alexandra Chiliman, Liviu Gligor, Lucian Ghișe, Răzvan Luscov, Dana Chirvai
“In Memoriam” – Gabriel Cristea, PhD. Professor of Architecture

3. Methods

Letiția Bărbuică
The Necessity For A New Type Of Pedagogy

Lorin Niculae
Non-formal Education in the Study of Architecture

Ștefan Mihăilescu
Student Competitions / Research Enterprise

Maria Boștenaru Dan
Computer Assisted Artistic Education

4. Interdisciplinary Studies

Sorin Ghiță
The Transarchitecture. Confluences of the Architecture and the Contemporary Arts Instalations

Grigore-Gabriel Negoescu
Geo Biology and Architecture Education

5. Urban experiments – Architectural Continuity

Doina Teodorescu
Interwar architecture and Urbanity in Constanța

Anca Mihaela Coșa, Adrian Coșa
Rehabilitation of the Traditional Historical Route Kretzulescu Park – Public Garden “Merci”, Câmpulung

Oana Anca Abălaru
Ruins Project or Reintegrating the History into Urban Identity. Case Study: Forum Tevere

6. The Design – Keystone of an Education in Architecture

Jill Bouratoglou, Lia Dikigoropoulou, Maria Boștenaru Dan
Reviewer Experience in Virtual Design Studio Through Blogs

Anca Mitrache, Anda-Ioana Sfinteș
The Architectural Project vs. the Habitation Scenario

Dana Chirvai, Alina Voiculeț, Marius Solon
The Formative Dimension, Between Tradition and Modernity

Marina Mihăilă
#architecturemuseum – as Education Form

Cristina Maria Chira
Education in Architecture. Choosing the Design Concept

Anca Oana Rusu
To Become – The role of Communicative Planning in Children's Education

Victor-Cristian Obancea
Aging of Building Materials and the Health of Users. A Neglected Relationship in Architectural Design

7. Students’ Opinion

Adrian Alexandru Gheorghe
The Ruin - Space for Architectural Experiment

Elena Țara
The Library Atmosphere