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ArgumentNo. 7/2015

The Architectural Design Proposal as a Process


The student projects reach a wide range of ideas, they go through various concepts, technologies, systems, information networks, and political philosophy, and carefully investigate the realization of these ideas, in and through design. What follows is a set of guided searches, and the formalization of an imagined-object, an answer for the research that has been made, a project design that reveals itself in a specific way.

Research and conditions of the site to be inserted in the proposed doesn’t restricts creativity, it does not require strict adherence to a fixed package of rules, as it seems at the first glance. They are an integral part of any project available to be critically detailed.

On the other hand, one of the revealing moments of architecture is to be found throughout the entire design process, where the complex of constraints is not only solved, but creatively combined in such a manner that it produces a new architectural quality. Anamorphoses, perspectives, illusions and concrete performances are collected together in a specific proposal. School’s project design exercises propose every time something architectural, they doesn’t speculate in theory, philosophy or conjectural about architecture, but they dare to suggest possible mutations in virtual scenario, they suggests a project-object that imagine just how architecture could become. After all strong design ideas produced by speculative or lateral thinking can stimulate specific theoretical investigations just as much as the other way around.


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