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Argument › No. 9/2017

Argument 9/2017

Recent Architecture – A Critical Discourse

Prof.dr.arh. Daniela Rădulescu - Andronic
dr. arh. Alexandra Păcescu
Roland Vasiliu
DTP, editing:
arch. Maria Mănescu

© 2017 Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu” Bucureşti

The new issue of the publication “ARGUMENT”- No. 9/2017 will publish studies, research papers or architectural projects presented in the interdisciplinary scientific session, entitled: “RECENT ARCHITECTURE – a critical discourse” – held on May 20-21st, 2016.

Essentially, the succession of the themes approached by our publication in not random, or at least that’s what we assert, till now.

Getting close to an eventually representative number – no. 10, – we wish that the meaning of the publication title, namely “ARGUMENT” – would frame part of the ideas/concepts of the editorial team, structural “arguments” for redefining the new architectural models, in line with the society/the technology and in accordance with the vision of the educational system.

In this regard, the 7th and 8th numbers referred to issues of high performance or dominated by indecision in:


The current number – “RECENT ARCHITECTURE – a critical discourse” – wishes to identify to what extent the architectural studies and research find their finality in the design of the spaces that form the existing urban environment.

The papers have been organized in the following chapters: – Concept, – Context, – Time/History/Archeology, – Urban structures/The Development of Cities, – Social Architecture, – Composition/Configuration/Innovation, – Design – Evolution, - Students’ Opinion.

1. Concept

Marina Mihăilă, Cristina Enache
A discussion: (Framing) Motion pictures for architecture and critical architectural discourse – semantics and forms

Doina Teodorescu
Architecture, Pattern, Responsibility

2. Context

Raluca-Nicoleta Radu
A cultural market that is growing up slowly

Andrei Eugen Lakatos
Out of the context: “The treachery of images”

Teodor Badiu
Context, approach, attitude

3. Time/History/Archeology

Alexandra Păcescu
Manifestations of time in architecture: aspects of the relation between (historical) site and building

Alexandra Păcescu
Manifestations of time in architecture: aspects of the relation between time and promenade

Oana Anca Abălaru
A critical review of archeology as resource in the contemporary design process

4. Urban Structures/The Development of Cities

Cosmin Caciuc
Tech-Smart Smart & Socio-Smart - Prerequisites for a Critique of Ideology Concerning Smart Cities and Architecture

Maria Boștenaru Dan
The influence of Japanese gardens on contemporary gardens

5. Social Architecture

Lorin Niculae
Innovation in design. A necessary reconsideration

6. Composition/Configuration/Innovation

Anca Mitrache
Form and composition in architecture - a critical approach

Dana Chirvai, Tana Lascu, Vlad Baloșin
Recent architecture, between reality and capricious configuration

Anda-Ioana Sfinteș
Architecture as public space. Using the limits

Mihaela Zamfir (Grigorescu), Marina Mihăilă
Theme vs. architectural exercises: trends in contemporary architecture reflected by architectural design studio, years IV-V, School of architecture_UAUIM

Cătălin Mihai Caragea
The architecture of contemporary academic spaces – a phenomenological perspective

Alexandra Ardeleanu, Oana Pavăl
Recent architecture discourse regarding industrial heritage conversion

7. Design – Evolution

Ștefan Mihăilescu
Green roof: the urban nature and sustainable design

8. Students’ Opinion

Oana-Violeta Anghel
The Bucharest from yesterday – journal from a forgotten world

Oana-Violeta Anghel, Mario Chiru, Roxana-Nicoleta Ivan
Structure – Architecture – Technology