Argument 1/2009

]re[generate of the urban / architectural landscape

Prof.dr.arh. Daniela Rădulescu - Andronic
Lect.dr.arh. Marina Mihăilă
des. Roland Vasiliu
DTP, editing, translations:
arh. Maria Mănescu

© 2009 Editura Universitară „Ion Mincu” Bucureşti

The theme of scientific lectures session with international participation held by UAUIM (June the 29th-30 2009) – “]RE[GENERATE OF THE URBAN/ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPE, between landmarks, priorities and limits.” – is the subject of this first volume. Through valuable lecture-works selection and presentation of the participants, we are trying to open a substantial dialog regarding architectural creation. It is about discussing the esthetic identity of the present and the evolution of the style as a result of social and technological transformation ,based on ARGUMENTS.

The structure of the book (in 3 chapters ) suggests the fact that urban regeneration could be imagined:

  • through past values assimilation – LANDMARKS;
  • through establishment of some present or future PRIORITIES;
  • and through capturing of present blockage elements, defining some LIMITS (territorial limits, conception limits, legislation limits etc.).

1. Landmarks

Georgică MITRACHEInterpretations of Traditional Architectural Elements
Horia DINULESCUTradition and reference in the Neo Romanian style
Dan DINOIUModernist architecture of Bucharest: milestones, priorities, limits
Maria Icoana SĂBĂILĂ PAVLOVICIIdentity models of Luxembourg - Mosel Valley cultural landscape Banat
Mihaela PELTEACUTheories of the surface in architecture
Cerasella CRĂCIUNUrban landscape - between "place of memory" and "place of action"
Nicolae TULBANChurch space, or about inclusion of the incomprehensible
Maria BOȘTENARU DANThe architectural landscape in the interwar time and the need of re generation today – geographical parcours Romania, Italy, Greece, the rest of Europe

2. Priorities

Paul ANGELIERTowards discovering a new flexibility
Marina MIHĂILĂar(t)chitecture_art, imagination, perception, architecture_
Melania DULĂMEAArchitecture - Neuroscience. Introduction for an interdisciplinary approach of design process
Ionuţ PIATRĂ-IONESCUContemporary ecological architecture style
Codruţa IANAQuality certification system „building for life.” Example of application for rehabilitation of Angel Town Neighborhood, London
Radu-Petre NĂSTASEUrban Regeneration Model – Netherlands. Case Study – Breda
Mariana DUŢESCURegenaration at human scale
Cristina ENACHEEuropean City in the Information Age
Cristina CONSTANTINESCUPriorities in capitalization and efficiency of urban space
Cristina PANĂArchitectural lighting in urban landscape. ]]] re [[[ generation of the nocturnal urban landscape

3. Limits

Vladimir NICULAPublic space temporary privacy
Oana CĂPLESCUHybrid Spaces
Ioan MILOŞThe ethics of psichological manipulation with references to the architect-client rapport
Mihaela ZAMFIR (GRIGORESCU)Rehabilitation of collective residential ensambles as a regenerating factor of the urban and architectural landscape
Andrei Eugen LAKATOS
Functional Reconversion and Urban Regeneration. National Museum of Contemporary Art
Ioan MILOŞIs architecture a fashion?