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ArgumentNo. 7/2015

Preliminary research regarding the effects of the project and the progress of the restoration works


This research paper has as a starting point the course and a minimal differentiation between the architectural design for new objectives, whatever they may be, where the research must be present and must occupy an important place in developing a strategic approach to future investment, and the design of the restoration where the degree of interference between research and design is much stronger. The preliminary research in restoration represent the first point and the fisrt step in starting the project.

Unlike the typical architecture project where the building is the result of an abstract thinking, the sketches preceding the construction, the restoration starts "backwards" from an existing situation and the process of taking decisions is based on a comprehensive analysis of the architectural object from different points of view.

We chose to look on a case study where the research is carried down to the very smallest detail or when is ignored as a course and phase in the design process. The presentation examines the Craiova National Palace of Art Museum- Jean Mihail as a case study.


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