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ArgumentNo. 7/2015

The Tradition and the Open Plan


Beginning from the primary spaces, as a source of inspiration, the structure space, defined by the relation between “support” and “infill”, is represented by a certain order of the architectural elements.

Redefining the status of the wall that, from an architectural element destined to define a strong limit, becomes mobile panel, furniture or exhibit, indicates the beginning of new spatial experiments. The built architectural element changes status and becomes installed object. In Mies van der Rohe’s projects or buildings, the wall seen as a neutral frame for a living picture, denotes a new approach.

Great figures as Frank Lloyd Wright, Victor Horta or Le Corbusier had visions carried out in organic or rationalist approaches.

How did the genesis of the modernist space took place ? Which is the part of the Japanese tradition in this process? This is what we shall try to resume in this paper.


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