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ArgumentNo. 7/2015

Workshop “Places beyond the threshold”

  • / “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Bucharest, Romania


The workshop „Places beyond the threshold”, held between March 31 and April 13, 2014 by The University of Architecture and Urbanism „Ion Mincu” in collaboration with The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, was part of the event „The Museum Space at its Boundaries” dedicated to the anniversary of 150 years since the foundation of the Romanian architectural teaching.

The workshop addressed the challenges raised to architecture by the contemporary tendency of institutions (in this case – of museums) to go beyond their physical boundaries, searching for possible answers to questions like:

- How does architecture negotiate the institutional boundaries of the museum?

- Which are the messages that can be transmitted through architecture beyond the boundaries?

- How can architecture contribute to the communication of the museum message?

The theme proposed was shaped by the individual searches of the participants, through their subjective way of perceiving and understanding the museum discourse of The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant as a starting point, and because of that the present article follows the entire activity that took place during the workshops.


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