Marina MIHĂILĂ, Cristian BĂNICĂ

House-housing – architecture design approach | 2 built case studies


The article follows the process of discussing, design and the making off 2 case studies in Bucharest: a detached urban house and an apartment building. The analysis is based on few steps: qualitative architectural design, design project theme, contextual approach-typology-urban territory rules, designed architecture and structure, the idea of simplicity within design innovation. Qualitative architectural design was a target in both cases, and followed a dedicated path from the idea to the execution. Possible conversion of the spaces and activities were another key points in the design project theme even after the ending of discussions. Contextual approach, typology and negotiating with city local regulations was an important part of the design, especially when talking on apartment building situated between urban territorial regulations. Architecture and structure formed in the idea of simplicity within design innovation were present in the project as a personal belief of architects’ team, and the results will consist in the end of the article as conclusions.


Published in Argument 7/2015

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