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Argument 11/2019

Habitation. Context and perspectives

prof. PhD arch. Anca Mitrache
assist. PhD arch. Anda-Ioana Sfinteș
DTP, editing:
assist. PhD arch. Anda-Ioana Sfinteș, assist. PhD arch. Constanța Carmina Gheorghiță, PhD arch. Iris Ganea-Christu, stud. arch. Ruxandra Balcanu

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1. Occupying the city

Cosmin Caciuc
Prudent recovery of the city in the collective dwelling. Anthological hermeneutics between three concepts: historicism, formalism and post-functionalism

Claudia-Gabriela Pipoș-Lupu
Habitation and its vicinity. Typologies and ramifications of the concept of neighbourhood. 1947-1989

Iulia Simona Floroiu, Radu-Matei Cocheci
The need for optimizing urban space. The Analysis of Urban Density and Urbanization Patterns in the Bucharest – Ilfov Region, Romania

Angelica Stan
Some observations on how danube is reflected in the minds of its inhabitants. A Romanian Case Study: Lower Danube, Giurgiu City

2. Connections

Radu-Tudor Ponta, Emil Burbea-Milescu
Voluntary Dencity. A Network of Commons

Iris Ganea-Christu
Internal migration issue and the perspectives of a new type of rural-urban habitation

3. Then and now context

Andrés Ros Campos
The equation of the house. Habitable Atmospheres

Maria Boștenaru Dan
Vernacular Architecture of Sathmar Swabians

Ana Abalos-Ramos, Pablo Llopis-Fernández
Inhabitation in the common realm. Three Proposals by Abalosllopis Architects

4. Other views

Tetyana Kashchenko
Prognostic aspects of the evolution of energy efficient housing

Anda-Ioana Sfinteș, Ruxandra Păduraru, Ruxandra Balcanu, Dragoș David
“The Third Room”. Anthropological and Architectural Explorations

Silvia Ionescu
Unconventional theater in the private space of the dwelling

Corina Iliescu
Problems and issues of the contemporary bathrooms

5. Students’ opinion

Ruxandra Balcanu
Working from home – Technology’s influence on contemporary habitation

Teodor-Cristian Dascălu
Duiliu Marcu and Alvar Aalto in Four Dwellings