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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

The first draft of Eurostation – impact on european and national plan: accesibility, services and safe equipments


In the last decades the statute of the building for travellers permitted segnificant alterations from simple terminals for arrivals and departures of the trains, the stations became true urban  machineries. The necessity of the revaluation of the possibilities and of the iteroperable systems of transport thought in view of durable  development represents real orientation of the railway architecture solutions for improvement of the trafic the problems provoked through the excesive using of road transport, in the same time for reduction of the impact with environement. In the same time with the birth of Europe Union, a new first draft apeared that  ”Eurostation”. This new reality guided naturaly at an improvement of movement of people on the teritory of Europe Union. This new CONCEPT/DRAFT was adopted rapidly, utlized of majority of the European societies of railway. So, the countries of West Europe implemented a series of projects of modernanization of raiway stations with priority in the big towns after different  models of administration, taking account and a national specific statute respectively. In Romania it was begun the estetic and functional intensification again of traveller buidings through European programs of rehabilitation, it was recommended a great attention on buildings that have a special value in view of drawing up of documentation  for making evident the possibilities of modernization and an arangement of the urban and  architectural frame. Finally the analysis ” forse” some tendencies în modeling of multifunctional space through up-grade and space adaptation  approcheing new architecture of building of transport on the railway in traditional space – autochthonous having at basis the concept/draft of ”EUROSTATION”.


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