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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Voronet. Filling in historical enclosure


not always  to look means to "see". Starting from this premise we present the Voronet church (Church of Daniil the Hermit, Stefan the Great and Gregore Rosca) beyond its perceived heritage value, as a well-known  "house" with a considerable age, with its specific sufferings, and with the necessary treatment to improve and maintain its time passing consequences and its "tone",  as a invaluable witness for European and national  accomplishments.

This intervention "treatment", improper or forced, can destroy the monument or can lower its value. Properly applied, however, it may raise the intrinsic value of a monument, whether we are referring to its cultural  and usage values, or  to the spiritual and economic values. The valance’s dualities permanently merge the strengths,  as a condition of continuity and economic existence.


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