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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Salvage of heritage buildings from risk


A heritage building is, through all its components - functional, structural, architectural, decorative, technical equipment – a whole, an entity unseparatedly and, accordingly with all these, any kind of intervention implies equally, together with the necessary to preserve components (taken out of danger) all the others.

Intervention of prime necessity – salvage from risk – required for a heritage building to be preserved as least in the its actual state, precedes restauration works (preservation, consolidation, rehabilitation, instrumentation, functionalization, etc.) for the most historical monuments in Romania.

As a natural consequence, intervention of salvage from risk is subject of the same requirements imposed by the fileld of heritage studies: financing, research – expertise, design, execution, activities proved as necessary to take place simultaneously during the whole process – whether it wil stop from the stabilization stage (conservation) of the current condition, or all the rehabilitation stages are completed.


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