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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Tradition and Modernity in Using Textile Materials in Architecture


If Ars una, species mille, we could say that "architecture is one, its species thousands". The architecture realized with textile materials is only one of its "species", with a constant presence, under various forms, in the human environment. The textile are used today in every field, from the decorative one to the utilitarian one.

The textile materials of today are created more and more from an architectural point of view, that's it according to their place and use. As a construction material that for thousand of years was characterized by perissability and frailness, it became, due to technical inventions and innovations - which are using nanotechnology in developing finishing techniques -, into a sustainable, strong and with special physical properties one, that can, and it is called to, replace some other classical materials. Their utility can be observed better in the "ephemeral architecture" where, dur to a low weight, small volume obtained by folding and a liberty of creation for the final shape is of very much interest.


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