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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

The landscape heritage, the value of the monument - parks. Study: Carol Park and Stirbey Park


Urban development determinated the landscape of each era, landscape sent to the next generations, with a specific lifestyle. On one hand, this development is context for the further development, but at the same time, is the connection with the past. The urban history is a history of evolution, of change, of particular cases, in which each element is a link between certain stages.

The two case studies belong to the intention of integrating historical monuments with architectural and landscape value in a tourist flow, as element of regional identity. In this purpose, it creates the need for the formulation and implementation of measures aimed to improving the quality of space and enhance the historical significance as an important tourist attraction and economical growth of the city.

The described ensembles fits to the category of monument - park – differentiated by their genesis, their location, purpose, although their dominant function is the same – rest and leisure: the  Știrbey Park in Buftea town -  belonging to Știrbey family (one of the suite of tourist attractions around Bucharest), and Carol park in Bucharest - an urban park, which by his historical and landscape value, stands out in the green system of the city,  with a strong cultural  - memorial profile.


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