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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Restoration House Museum Dr. N. Minovici


at the end of Kiseleff main road, in the north of the capital, it was built in 1905 one of the most remarkable houses of Bucharest Romanian-style , made by architect Cristofi Cerchez, at the request and direction of Professor Nicholaie  Minovici, which was equally in love with medicine and Romanian folk art.

The construction associate  the Romanian architecture type fortified “cula”  with elements of folk architecture as a porch, exterior ladder, and steeple, to which it brings an additional original Brancovenian decorative inserts.

The volume is free and is seated on a massive subbasement, and the vertical steeple, the facade cutting with its decorative elements, the plan metric structure presents them itself both as a specific local influences, and as a contemporary Art Nouveau undeniable resonance of Western Europe. We believe that the resulting of this osmosis is remarkable.


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