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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Hybridization in architecture and urbanism hybrid buildings and areas such fringe belt


In this context, the study "architecture and urbanism hybridization - buildings and hybrid type fringe belt areas" in the contemporary city "- identifies certain procedures and processes to address urban heritage in the light of recent new media and digital culture. The results of these critical processes overlap and hybridization between a spatial-constructive entity developed spontaneously (urban area) and an avant-garde artistic process (new media, digital culture) - by analogy with what is happening in contemporary music composition, visual arts or in performing arts - is certainly one possible method to be successfully applied in architecture. And the architecture of our cities needs such a formal conceptual enrichment, with the need to define a new architectural and urban identity.

Today, normality and naturalness of the old architecture were replaced by bizarre hybrids, which, obviously, we are forced to accept in our lives.

The terms need to be combined to explain the new realities. This phenomenon, called hybridization generates architecture and territories no longer fit in any of the known categories that have nothing in common with traditional forms of building or city. The challenge is huge.


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