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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Methods of protection for immediasy monuments in danger. case study: Castle Pelisor


Among the first trips made by Prince Charles in the United Principalities it was the one made at Sinaia Monastery, in the days of 5 to 6 August 1866. they loved the places  so much that they came back in the following year.

In the summer of 1870, Prince Charles visits again Sinaia, and at 2 August 1871 he brings the Princess Elizabeth, his young wife, with whom he spends here their first summer together.

Then they decide to build a summer house in the "mountains of Prahova" - "The project we are building is a Swiss chalet, in witch we will spent the, for air here is always cool and clean."

It's called to the monastery  the viennese architect, Professor Doderer. He arrived on 22 August 1872.

Soon after setting the construction site on 15 October 1873, the Doderer’s plans arrived, plans that were exposed to the exhibition in Vienna and on which the Prince discussed on the  the field with his colleagues.

On August 22, 1874 is held with great solemnity the placement for the fundamental stone of the Peles Castle - "It is to raise the castle and be well done, to become the cradle of my dynasty, the national dynasty."


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