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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Casa Braicoff. Restauration and functional reconversion design project


BRAICOFF building is located in the Bucharest city-center, near the Romanian Athenaeum, in the immediate neighborhood of the Palace Square, on Georges Clemenceau Street, corner with Episcopiei Street.

Over time, Georges Clemenceau Street, had several names: Victoria (The Victory), Corabia (The Ship), Georges Clemenceau, Gabriel Péri (Pery) and again Georges Clemenceau Street from 1992.

From the urban pattern history point of view, form the gathered and presented informations in data base “Historic architecture study “ made by the architect Dan D.Ionescu and engineer Ana-Maria Biro in 2008, is known only that it was a part of the property body of the Neculesti’s, large lands and buildings owners between Episcopiei Garden (today Romanian Athenaeum) and Neculescului Plaza ( small, today Amzei Square), in XVIII-XIX centuries.

Form the urban point of view, the plot was generated as a result of the succesive alignments on closest streets. So, beginning with 1868, Corabiei Street (today Georges Clemenceau) was aligned, and latter, after 1872/1875, Episcopiei Garden Street (Episcopiei today).


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