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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Collective identity


Coexisting values of patrimony as remained testimony and a contemporary frame surrounding it, in many cases may be the subject of divergent views on how integration and dialogue of both temporal categories it accompanies each other. In completing and correspondence between elements of heritage and contemporary elements, ensure a balance of existence and continuity of the course of human society transformation. It highlights the features, characteristics, the evolutionary process or temporal fractures, followed by changes of direction that dictate redefining and reinventing the shape and use of the space of living , having causes and effects strongly related with consistency of society that use it.

By focusing on some cases that resolved the integration of existing patrimony into contemporary urban landscape known as Paris, shows the possibility to deduct a whole process of thinking and application of rules that in addition to a formal framing resolve the relations, between human actions, habits and convenience of using these spaces; reveals how to generate reactions and effects that can induce a condition of controlled positive development.


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