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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Reinvention of the railway station – approching and strategies for future in the achitectural programme of building for travellers


The architecture of the railway-stations was developed rapidly as an answer in improvement of the traffic on the railway that became the universal support of the transport for goods and products  from a place to other, The railway station was turned into ”a temple of the technology” where the passengers waited impatiently one of  the most important inventions of the industrial inventions of the revolution industrial: the train. The obligation of recovery the glory from old time of travel by train became o challenge and a fantastic competition. The industry ”understood” that the speed represents a critic factor in improvement of position of railway traffic and this associated directly with technology. It was  of course an reinvention of railway about ”80 years that put on its sever attention giving again to the main terminal of railway and a type of significant and discreet  building  in the same time  which  as fact  dare exploit  dramatic qualities and those of space of the elements almost forgotten.”-of the  arched vaults of train hall. In the past periods, for the first time after many years the station had be projected taking account the same distinct character, specific and emotional. The powerful tradition  and the success of  West countries in the field of architecture of buildings for travelers  on the railway are tributary too the kind of application very judicious of those in economic, politic and administrative  plan of reality. All of them are found in national specific. On conclusion we can affirm that the answers transmitted by the architectures during the last 20 years in accordance with the theme of  the programme of building for travelers on the railway station  does not emphasize a unique or immediate historic technical, or artistic, contrary shades much more isolated  approaches  of those common element surprises trough care of the urban planning.


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