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ArgumentNo. 2/2010

Integrated conceptual approach of natural and cultural heritage reflected in international conventions


Sustainable development, defined by Brundtland report based on the satisfaction of present and future needs at the same rate, implies equally the use of natural resources within the carrying capacity limits, conservation of biodiversity, ecological restoration of deteriorated ecosystems and measures for the protection of the environment included in sectoral development strategies, aiming to internalize environmental costs and assess the environmental impact. All these denote a holistic approach to the environment, perceived as a whole formed by the socioeconomic and natural capitals. The Ouagadougou Summit added a new component – culture as factor of development. Cultural diversity becomes a part of biodiversity. The analysis of how international documents reflect these concepts reveals the fact that the integrated approach to the natural and cultural heritage, needed due to their interdependence, is also the only way to identify, protect, preserve and develop it.


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