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ArgumentNo. 4/2012



Places that can be considered as most representative of our time, to our current day, are nothing more than their result. Those places are deconstructed, without architecture; places escaping urban planning strategies and still making some of the urbanized area, places that have been abandoned, who are left "in-between", these are the emanations of a society itself abandoned "in-between". Such areas are difficult to understand or to be entered, because when we are intrigue and manifest our interest for this kind of spaces is because of the placement in a state of "in-between", because of the the intermediary. The unconscious and multiple transformations are in essence of spaces, the amount in which the space maintains the relations with the immediate neighborhood, and the report that connect the spaces with the notions like movement, alteration, uncertain whether they are present, are all issues that architecture must exploit.

These places "waiting" in an intermediate state, are representing for the Master Workshop "Extreme limits" of the Faculty of Architecture of the Free University of Brussels, a fertile ground for the use of prospective methods. This methodological exploration continue for some years.

The workshop is envisioned primarily as a place of exchange, discussion, debate. Dialogue between students, teachers and guests from other areas as philosophy, sociology, art, math, transformed the workshop into a research laboratory complex.