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ArgumentNo. 4/2012

Studies and applications_UPGRADE_Pratt Institute NY


The aim of the exhibition is to present a selection of architecture design work done by students in their senior year at the Pratt Institute – USA.

For students in their 5th year – the final year of the B.Arch. degree, the project is a means to articulate independent positions relating to study subjects of their choosing.

From an architectural point of view, a relevant position entails critical thinking, innovation and communication, a fact richly illustrated by the projects exhibited. Such a position could take the shape of an investigation on one or several aspects of material architectural production, and could lead to new formal and programmatic interpretations of architectural programs with social, administrative or public functions (public buildings and spaces).

These research projects combine work done for two parallel design studios – drawings, required for reviews, and written essays – resulting in the final Project to be presented. Each manner of representation serves a dual purpose: to collect specific information, relevant to the study subject of each student, and to critically interpret the data in drawings, sketches, models and essays. The students take on the responsibility of defining a study subject as well as the architectural program derived from it.


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