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ArgumentNo. 4/2012

Urban memory. Continuity


Large and small events are present in urban memory space.

We know all these from stories, and we are pleased to discover when we meet the city.

The city-space story is an applied history, emotional, and makes the space to become a place. Ontology relates to spatial memory, but also to space capacity to store it.

Understanding memory in contemporaneity is somehow between the spirit of place and spirit of time, between genius-loci and zeitgeist.

Going through the space depends not only of meaning, available to decode ‘signs’, but also of emphasis in architectural and urban space objects. Passers by are only the witnessing of current atmosphere and measure of memory that is read by the urban behavior, light from the eyes, or state of comfort they feel in contact with space.

Keywords: ‘genius-loci’, ‘zeitgeist’, continuity, ‘place’/’non-place’, time, heritage.


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