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ArgumentNo. 4/2012

Sustainability: reducing energy costs in the case of existing buildings


In 2007, after the integration of Romania into the European Union, the process of financing the national programme for thermal rehabilitation housing blocks which was addressed in particular the neighborhood bedroom like builings, acquired more financial power. Part of the money needed came directly from the budget of the European Union in the context of the programmes supported by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Thermal rehabilitation of buildings through pursues reducing loss of heat, energy and energy saving of fuel and there by reduce the costs of maintenance of heating and hot water supply, improved in the same time the conditions of hygiene and interior thermal comfort of the buildings.

The thermal rehabilitation program can promote direct benefits from a financial point for the owner of a termo isulated house. The investments made in our country will serve as a case study, because the large period of time will make visible the way the polystyrene termoizolated buildings will behave. We will see how a minimum investment leads to a reaction in time for the facade that was dressed in foam (polystyrene).

During this presentation, I presented a brief economic situation focused especially on the termal rehabilitations made in Bucharest, the number of buildings and the price of the finished insulating fittings related to square meter. The end of the work contains a presentation of the positive and negative aspects of the real estate-proofing process and the way in which it was put into practice in Romania.


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