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ArgumentNo. 4/2012

Conservation of the plaster facades from late XIX to the begening of XX century


In the second half of the XIX century, together with the development of the cities and the birth of new kinds of developers, a large number of representative buildings are raised in Europe. Built without large budgets, those buildings replaced noble materials for facades with plaster. We have a built environment that is quite well reperesented by buildings like these. Some of them are in a severe degree of degradation and in need of urgent conservation works while others are subject to inappropriate intervention caused in most cases by the lack of knowledge regarding materials and construction techniques of their time. There isn’t any work regarding exclusively the conservation of plaster facades published in our country.

The dissertation presents general principles for the crafts techniques, materials and some building technologies for the conservation of the facades and it is based both on knowledge from specific bibliography and scientific seminars attended and on personal experience acquired while working on the conservation of the facades of a building from the beginning of the XX century in Bucharest.

The work presents the historic context, the building materials used in that time, a number of general principles for works, some techniques for making the decorations and it ends with a case study which presents the apllication of the principles for works, materials and building technologies.


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