Rudolf Frankel in Bucharest, 110 years after birth


In this contribution we intend to present a recently started research project of the Architectural and Urban Studies Center, the steps already taken and future research intentions.

The project aims to track compliance with in international, European and beyond, circuit of the interwar Bucharest architecture by architect Rudolf Fraenkel, who immigrated from Germany at that time in Bucharest and built 11 buildings in Bucharest from 1933 to 1936 and then in the United Kingdom and the United States. Along with architects like Haralamb Georgescu, he is thus one of which, after being built in Romania, transferred the European style transferred to the United States. In 2011 we celebrate 110 years of the birth of the architect.

The purpose is to use and translate system previously developed criteria to guide actions and create a decision system for 20th century heritage conservation in Romania, given the actors involved in conservation, translated into a system that can be computerized. The first publication of the project will be an urban route. Buildings identified as constructed by Rudolf Fraenkel in Bucharest by Manrique (2008) will be marked on the maps built using OpenStreet Map, as shown in the following two maps. We hope through this integration architecture Rudolf Fraenkel in cultural tourism circuits.


Published in Argument 4/2012

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