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ArgumentNo. 4/2012

Venice Architecture Bienalle development through continuity / Upgrade on space enevelopment problematics


Creating Contemporary Architecture inside pavilions, as it has been done for 12 editions in Venice already, could create constraints for the architects but also increase imagination in such a valuable context. Some examples rest for years in our collective memory.

A critical analisys of the last two architecture bienalles could help in finding new models of good practice on space envelopment problematics. The dissemination of attractive ideas as well as experimenting practical alternatives become a very productive environment that deserves a thorough analysis also generating pedagogical and teaching practices with students.

Due to accessibility, interest points, accomodation facilities or even infrastructure from Venice, Italy, the number of visitors is lower than in other similar events, plus the public is mainly formed of specialists, students or others with high affinity for Architecture.

If the theme title in 2008 was „Out There: Architecture Beyond Building”, in 2010 the theme was “People meet in architecture”. Both themes demonstrate keen interest in placing the human in the centre of the architectural space no matter of the angle that determines the perspective on the envelope.


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