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ArgumentNo. 4/2012

Upgrade with “fascist” traces in the reunification’s Berlin


The architecture which some people call “Fascist” has a great power of fascination over professionals or simple individuals. Many universities have dedicated extensive classes for this moment in the architectural history. Trying to create a new “national architecture”, an extremely problematic issue for the Italic peninsula because of the mass difusion of Greco-Roman, Renaissance or Baroque styles firstly in the entire Europe and then all ower the world through the Eclectical or Academic styles, the Mussolini’s architects might have been discovered something close to the very essence of the urban architecture.

Beginning with the simplified neoclassicim of the Milano’s Law Court and going further through the dumbfolding surrealism of the “Square Colloseum” we come back at last to the Via della Conciliazione’s eclecticism or to the Terragni’s modern rationality. Even such a short journey should help us to perceive that unchanging element having so many forms of expression, being the very essence of architecture, an essence that can be just “classical”.

That comment upon “Fascist” style is in fact a comment that bring us a certain angle of view upon Rossi’s presence in Berlin. The German military power is a matter of the past but now Germany has the will to express it’s economic power.


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