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ArgumentNo. 1/2009

Rehabilitation of collective residential ensambles as a regenerating factor of the urban and architectural landscape


The rehabilitation of the residential districts built during the communist period becomes a mandatory condition for the regeneration of urban and architectural landscape. Recently, the implementation of the Program of Thermal Rehabilitation has been initatiated in 2005 and legally revised in March 2009. This represents, however, only a part of the rehabilitation process of these districts. The buildings of big prefab panels are a free standing case, considering the construction details and also the share they have in our cities in postwar period.

First, proceed to identify the real problems that the contemporary society confronts in collective habitation in postwar multi-level buildings. Gradually, the study is laying down on the prefab issue. There is not only a simple inventory, the speech is reflected by a critical approach to the problems faced by different countries of Europe. The analysis focuses on the issue of prefab collective residential buildings from the communist epoch, always making paralleles with the european situation. The first part of the article ends with a synthesis that offers an absolutely necessary overview for the development of coherent solutions. The second part of the article proposes steps for the rehabilitation. Are selected and critically comented strategic objectives and actions to achieve these objectives in the strategies developed by various European countries.

Keywords: rehabilitation, urban and architectural landscape, collective residential buildings of big prefab panels


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