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ArgumentNo. 1/2009

Hybrid Spaces


the present trend is to mix conventional architecture with other media and disciplines to produce a new species and this is exactly what the computer has to offer by converting all media in his very own binary language. The digital revolution blurred the boundaries between material and data. Thus, the contemporary avant-garde shows us an architecture able to play between two worlds: the actual-real and the potential-virtual one; it offers us the experience of a world undivided by virtuality, a world with amplified space, it offers us hybrid spaces.

Hybrid architecture is reasoned by the investigation of non-euclidean geometry, by the advances in production technology and means of fabricating these geometries and also the development of animation techniques, inserting time as a design tool.

In architecture, the digital revolution must not be seen just as a mean to produce blobs, but also as a medium that allows hybridization at the formal level, but expecially of the content, of thought.