ArgumentNo. 1/2009

Modernist architecture of Bucharest: milestones, priorities, limits


Keywords: Marcel Iancu, Horia Creangă, Duiliu Marcu, GM Cantacuzino

Keyword: territorial machine

Industry is the new territorial machine of the society. It shapes everything through a new art: the design.

Industry pulls together housing program. Radu Patrulius said that “banch test of the new construction and [Modernist] theory is in fact the individual house”.

Keywords: Germany, Italy, Netherlands.

European architecture pole moves between the two World Wars from France to Germany, Italy and Netherlands, Europe’s culture rather marginal, as Paris is departing from the ‘demos capital’ status.

Nor, in these three countries, and Romania!, the interwar dispute between the density and intensity is today more topical than ever.