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Ar(t)chitecture is a new interpretation of architecture as art accepted in the urban, social, public space, and space possibly lived as distinct emotional expressions.

Ar(t)chitecture suposes directing architecture into art road, at building scale, at area or city scale; it opposes the idea of non-place, and it easily convey information, visions, concepts, messages – readable by general public, receiver of urban space by creating emotional states with the identification of areas and transmitted codes.

Ar(t)chitecture is architecture that opposes to the industrial concept and real-estate concept; it creates spaces, but only emotional spaces, sensitive ones; function is simply a reinterpretation of everyday life, and the beneficiary (‘high-end’ beneficiary) becomes interested in the author-artist that raises the place value, space value, the built environment, and ultimately, produces and promotes an increase in value (and possibly a real-estate one).

(Ar(t)chitecture is a concept proposed by the author of this paper.)

keywords: art, imagination, perception, architecture


Published in Argument 1/2009

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