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ArgumentNo. 1/2009

Regenaration at human scale


The proposed theme looks at how the transformation and formation of urban space, as a consequence of constant social, cultural and possibilitz of use, trying to determine to what extent the interrelationship between the city and society lead to new kinds of urban experiences and conditioning directions to investigate boud architectural solutions – the response for urban conventions evalution.

Architecture is expresion of the society and its expectations. Socio-spatial relations and the urban experience are in continuous changing, beeing also agent and record of change and social evolution, the city environment offers challenges, but requires adaptation.

Extreme situations pretend new forms of urban occupancy, demand to be used creatively, and architectural solutions respond to expectations and coefficients in continuous change.

Playing a key role in the development of the cities and neighborhoods, social and cultural forces are able to support or to prevent the urban space quality.