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ArgumentNo. 1/2009

Contemporary ecological architecture style


This essay (or even better, a larger and more precise study) responds to the necessity to find some pertinent questions about aesthetics and style of a phenomenon that manifests itself strongly in the contemporary world in many forms, even contractictory, which expressed itself often with a acute tone, and which despite the militant side, finds its uneven distribution channels.

As the philospphy movement is based on radical natural ideas and extends up to sophisticated technical applications vanguard, formal speech is found different in lanscape art as well as in recourse to vernacular traditions, in artistic forms or in hi-tech architectural creations visibility and global symbolism.

Also, the study does not aim to systematize a model, or more, to find an answer to questions of aesthetic, stylistic or architectural form for a multiform phenomenon (which hardly expected the bug challenges now); but during remembering the recall of some ideas encountered in the course of argument, the idea of making a map for a clearer direction, seems an consistent idea for futher work.