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ArgumentNo. 1/2009

Is architecture a fashion?


An analysis between architecture and fashion might seem useless from an architectural point of view, since it is plainly obvious that architecture is first and foremost a form of art, meaning something born out of motivations more profound than those of simple adherence to a fashion, or short-lived trend.

In order to better understand the relationship between architecture and fashion and compare them, a definition of both terms is essential. You will undoubtedly observe the inclusion of the term social in both definitions, which indicates, at least at this level, a connection between art and fashion, since they both reflect the specificities of social organizations.

Starting from these two working definitions, the article will show that a demonstration of the opposition between art and fashion through which we hoped to rid architecture of fashion’s tyranny, at least on a theoretical level, is not nearly as simple as initially expected, and that is because of the still uncertain statute of contemporary art.


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