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ArgumentNo. 8/2016

Student Competitions / Research Enterprise


International student competitions shows that the main factor in winning a leading position in the contest is related to the capacity to innovate and in the same time to built better and more connected solutions with the topic of the subject. You can find curled discorses that are reaching a wide range of issues that are interdependent with the outside factors as well as discourses that are reeling only on technology and on the need of change, that are only about a new and unexpected character of the design.

The analysis is very intresting in terms of graphical representations, mostly of the winners are coming up with solutions to mitingate the effects and not to contest the main causes (solar umbrella to protect the sea ice, water towers, green lungs for polluted cities). The substance of the projects it is not to be found in the projected image, but in the influence of the conceptual speech and the large number of problems taken under consideration. Examples commented in the second part of the study demonstrate the attention for good arrangement on the the site, for the study of sunshine effects and opportunities to promote natural ventilation. The need for natural light is solved either by double facade proposals with filter elements or by generating electricity with a help of phoyovoltaic cells that are looking similar with the outside shaders of the building. Student competitions investigated in the present work are a clear filter of the current problems and their proposals are characterized by a high degree of freedom and unconstraintent.


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