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ArgumentNo. 8/2016

#architecturemuseum – as Education Form


Education in architecture field is an important constituent of the global society we live in, and architecture museum could be a collection of images, models, architects, histories and goings-on; it could take the form of internet tags and could be a measure of popularity. Or it could function as institution developing activities based on collection it represents.

Between the passion for future technology and musical trends, testing the taste for architecture is one of the 21st century fashions. Knowing the models and architectures is not any more the narrow architects’ domain, and understanding urban spaces is far away an issue of cultural integration. To know and recognize buildings is a question of trend, and architects have come very close to these common tastes of experimenting iconic forms, particular textures, or attractive interactions. From traveling for seeing, knowing and photographing funny perspective errors with unique architectural elements, to understanding architectural gestures, it is a whole range of discussions in which a global world participates, desirous to appreciate the extraordinary, spectacular, and supremacy, all expressed in forms, landmark and budget. Above all, DAM Frankfurt and Arhitektur-Zentrum Vienna are two of the architectural museums that overcome the preoccupation for local models.

Keywords: education, architecture museum, model, DAM Frankfurt, Arhitektur-Zentrum Vienna


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