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ArgumentNo. 8/2016

The Necessity For A New Type Of Pedagogy


I do believe that the actual pedagogy in architecture is much to much anchored in a system originated from Bauhaus school and it should jump to the next level in the same way in which Bauhaus provided a change in teaching philosophy, at the time. In the design studio architects who have a good knowledge of the architectural practices should be involved and I will present in this sense Nigel Coates London School of Architecture that will open in the autumn of 2015. I do consider that the obligation to hold a phd degree in order to teach a design studio might be detrimental in the long run for our university. The fact that there is no option of a phd by design degree as exists in other parts of the world and I mention here just the prestigious Bartlett School of Architecture deny the students a type of learning experience compulsory for their becoming as architects.

The OAR questionnaire reveals the learning elements students feel are missing and I believe we can not stay indifferent to these informations. It is a necessity to review the curriculum at least in such a way that to provide the student the maximum flexibility in a market place that is increasingly diverse and in which they should be able to adapt, change and be able to address a wide range of specialities related to architecture (stage design, object design, advertising, photography or other creative jobs not invented yet.)

Keywords: School of Architecture, phd by design, OAR questionnaire


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