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ArgumentNo. 8/2016

Education in Architecture. Choosing the Design Concept


It is absolutely clear, for the age we are living in, that we are expecting allot more from our interior spaces. With the minimalist current’s slowly but surely fade away, and the insertion of elements that throw it into a kind of new eclectism, the practice of interior architecture finds itself in a turning point. More and more clients, especially from our country, take this task into their own hands, most of all because the majority of the current demonstrations, especially in the private housing interior design, don’t impress any more.

The way that interior spaces are approached and viewed is constantly changing and evolving and the in our times this view needs to put in the center the human being and his emotional space. . These demands of the actual interior space were defined by the architect Nigel Coates in this matter: “I don't really see interior design as a discipline. I see it as a phenomenon. I call it 'atmos': when something special happens in an interior which isn't just functional or stylistic... it needs to communicate something extra.”

For this “something extra” to be achieved, the interior spaces and their architectural approach need a design concept. Choosing this concept fitting the demands of the project (the client’s wishes, the demands of the space, the theme, the budget etc) can be a complicated decision to make. This should be learned in the college.